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About Depression Ink

Name: Kris AKA Homey
Place of Birth: Parts Unknown
Hobbies: Reading, hide & seek with my son, videogames
How long Tattooing: Approx 39,312 Hours and counting
Favorite Style: Tribal, Old School, New School
Favorite Saying: He's takin' the **** tornado right back to Oz, I almost got my grade 10
Best thing about Tattooing: Enjoying my job
Favorite Music: Gangster Rap, Scream-O, Metal, Punk

Name: Harley AKA Sweetie
Place of Birth: Markham
Hobbies: Drawing, music, baking
How Long Tattooing: 1st year
Favoutite time of Day: 2:30 pm 
Favourite Styles: Illustrative, Blackwork, Traditional
Best thing about Tattooing: Tattooing original artwork
Favourite Music: Indie, Alternative